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He succeeded in drawing a smile from everybody’s lips

Dead at 90, Charles Thake … a much loved actor who took part in scores of theatrical productions on television as well as on stage. He will remain well-remembered for his brief response quips as well as for his ability to draw a smile from almost everybody’s lips by coming out with a new joke.

This was Charles Thake all over. It is little wonder he gained the reputation for being one of Malta’s best comic actors with a mission to keep people entertained and happy.

Born in Senglea in December of 1927, Thake spent a lifetime involved in drama. He first took to the stage aged 15 in a school production of Romeo & Juliet. At the end of the Second World War he joined Maleth and joined the Productions Institute in the UK and underwent an intensive drama course at the Royal Academy of Dramatic Art in London. After a lapse of ten years he took up drama again in 1962 with a part in the film Treasure in Malta. From then onward his life became the stage and theatre.

“Acting a serious part is easy” said Veronica Farrugia. She went on to explain that by playing a serious part an actor easily draws sympathy from people but it is easier than making people laugh. In other words, it is much easier to make people cry rather than to make them laugh.

Lino Farrugia said Charles Thake was a great success because he had a large personality which dominated those around him.

He played parts in many television productions for local as well as overseas television stations including a part in the first televised drama on television in Malta, “F’Baħar Wieħed” in which he played the part of a caretaker.

He also had parts in a number of large productions filmed in Malta including Midnight Express and Agora with Rachel Weisz, a film which Thake said he had enjoyed best in featuring.

Off stage Charles Thake was with the public services and worked in the social services sector. As a pensioner, some years ago he helped in the archives department at PBS where he identified films to help pass on to future generations.

He was awarded the Order of Merit by the Republic of Malta and was married to Lina. They had six children and 12 grandchildren.

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