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Healthy snacking to avoid getting fat or obese

During a busy day’s work it’s not easy to grab a bite to eat when one feels peckish. Even though a healthy meal may be in the offing later, there is still a probability that before or after the meal, one still feels a desire to snack on something.

It’s during moments such as these that one usually turns to some kind of processed food or sweets that are laden with sugar, salt, fats and preservatives – even though the first immediate thought is that of eating a fruit which however may not be available at the time and possibly not desirable at the time.

Alternatives exist however and nutritionist Lisa Drayer has recommended various possibilities from information she has gathered from other nutritionists, doctors and sports coaches.

Have a look at these various alternatives …

Almonds – these are easy to store in a small bag and keep in your desk draw. Two handfuls of almonds contain fibre, protein and non-saturated fat, are satisfying and will bridge to the next full meal.

Pure Yogurt – Greek Yogurt contains a little fruit that is most tasty, particularly during summer and contains protein, calcium and anti-oxidant fibre.

Canned Tuna with hard-baked biscuits (galletti) – these are simple to be carried around because they are small and a supply can be kept at work and these contain carbohydrates, protein and non-saturated fats.

Apples and baked Chickpeas (ċiċri) or Dwarf Beans (favetta) – if an apple is not sufficient, supplement this with chickpeas and dwarf beans. Again, these are small items and can easily be consumed while working on a keyboard.

A Cup of Soup – this keeps you warm and can be heated in a cup in a microwave.

Vegetables with Hummus – if the thought of eating raw vegetables is not appealing try some diced carrots or green peppers mixed with humus and this may make a great difference.

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