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Killed by the Nazis: Her diary has been locked away for 70 years and has now been published

Renia Spiegel had documented the fears and all her hopes in a secret diary which has been locked away in a bank deposit box for the last 70 years.

Renia’s story is a heartbreaking one which has been kept hidden because it would have brought too much sorrow to her family. She was a Polish-Jewish girl who was killed by the Nazis in 1942, when they discovered where she was hiding.

Finally, the story of this Polish girl will be published thanks to her niece who encouraged the rest of the Spiegel family who had survived the war, to allow its publication.

Reina’s diary is very reminiscent of the diary of Anne Frank, as she writes in a very concise, poetic way, describing the atrocities of war and the hope for a better world.

The diary is expected to be published on 19 September allowing the reader to discover the life of a girl who lived in Przemysl under Soviet occupation until the Nazis invaded the Soviet Union in 1941.
In her writings, Reina, tells how she managed to escape the bombings, describing the disappearance of entire families and the ghetto she was forced to live in.
Her diary ends on a desperate note as in the last sentence, written by her boyfriend it says, “three gun shots, three lives taken. All I can hear is one shot after another.”
Reina’s boyfriend, Zygmunt Schwarzer entrusted the diary in the hands of someone reliable because he was deported towards Auschwitz. Schwarzer survived and after the horrors of war, he managed to give the diary back to what was left of Reina’s family:  her mother and her sister.
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