King Carnival gets hitched

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This week will see the run up to one of the oldest celebrations in Malta … Carnival. The main carnival float, displaying King Carnival, will be made by the same person who has worked on the King Carnival float for the last twenty five years. Works have reached the final stages.

All that is left are the finishing touches for King Carnival to launch this year’s edition of Carnival which will be held on Friday afternoon at St George Square, Valletta. This will be the 25th time that the Tin company (tal-Landa), have been entrusted to build the King Carnival float, which they have been working on since August.

“This year’s theme are weddings. We have the King in front dressed as a soldier and the bride behind. They will meet on the float and get married ”

The King Carnival float contains about 9,000 LED bulbs. Dominic Mangion explained that this year they worked on a system for the movements of the float not to fall apart in the event of damage. “If God forbid a fault develops in front or at the back, the damaged part will be removed and the rest of the float will continue with other movements.”

Carnival enthusiasts are hoping that the weather is kind to them so that all the sacrifices they made during the year are not blown away. Literally.

“I have people who come from Rabat, from Valletta, outside of Valletta, they spend nights here away from their family, on a daily basis. They are always here. This comes at a huge personal sacrifice . Staying awake at night doing what we love to do. We live for this.”

King Carnival, commissioned by Festivals Malta, does not compete with the rest of the floats. Carnival starts on Friday and is spread over five days.