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Kinsey Wolanski explains why she ran onto the ground during the Champions League final

Kinsey Wolanski managed to steal some of the attention from the Champions League final game between Liverpool and Tottenham.

Many who were watching the game were distracted, and sought to find out about this woman who had run out onto the pitch. In fact, within a very short time the number of her followers on Instagram exploded upwards, and from 230,000 followers she now has over 2.4 million.

Wolanski wrote on Instagram that she had done what she did ‘because life is for living; do something crazy and you will remember it for the rest of your life.’

Wolanski appears to have been arrested, but it is not known whether she has been fined or punished.

Wolanski wrote on Instagram that she had not imagined her crazy action would lead to this, and whilst thanking everyone, offered 1,000 free autographed posters of herself.

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