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KNK motion for Maltese authors to be remunerated for their works

The first National Congress of Authors in Malta has been held today on the initiative of the KNK, the National Book Council. The main aim of this Congress was the presentation by the KNK of two motions, on which a vote was taken:

  1. Draft proposal regarding Authors’ Economic Rights
  2. Renewal from Subsidiary Law to Act of Parliament

The KNK said in a statement that the first motion was drawn up after a series of meetings with authors which the KNK held in recent months, and concerns authors’ financial income. The KNK explained that the motion about a Draft Proposal regarding Authors’ Economic Rights recognises the right of authors to be remunerated for their work, and serves as a clear guide to Government in its policy for transposition of EU Directive 2019/790 regarding Authors’ Rights and rights related to a Single Digital Market. It ws stated that this motion was approved unanimously by the authors, and included the written approval by 75 authors who could not attend. No one voted against the motion.

The second motion declares that Subsidiary Legislation for the setting up of the National Book Council is renewed in an act of Parliament in order to strengthen its autonomy. It was further stated that this motion was also approved unanimously, with no votes against.

The Chief Executive of the Council, Mark Camilleri, emphasised in his address that the economic strengthening of the author and the growth of the book industry contribute to a rebirth of local literature and the cultural, educational and intellectual development of society, and as such the economic strengthening of the book industry is also of national importance.

See: The first motion

See: The second motion

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