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UPDATED: PN Leader denies having signed documents of illegal transactions

Leader of the Opposition Adrian Delia has asked the Police to investigate documents in which he said his signature had been falsified.

In a letter, Dr Delia asked the Police Commissioner to investigate urgently the relationship between documents with false signatures and allegations, which according to Dr Delia are alluded to in questions posed to him by Times of Malta, regarding an FIAU report concerning him.

In a press conference this evening, Dr Delia said that the documents with his falsified signature date back fourteen years, alleging that they were used for financial transactions. He asked the Police Commissioner to investigate the document and allegations received by the TOM. He said that, according to questions sent by the newspaper, the allegations against him surfaced in a report by the FIAU, which has been held by the Police for a year. Dr Delia said that he was never asked for an explanation or a declaration by the Police about this report.

The Leader of the Opposition categorically denied that he was involved in illegal transactions or that he signed or had seen documents that were used for money laundering, or that he could, in any way, know that these would be used for an illegal scope.

Dr Delia alleged that the report was sent to the TOM at a moment when he, as Opposition Leader, was criticising the Government, which according to Dr Delia, had taken over institutions like the FIAU, the Police, the Army, and the AG’s Office. He added that it was clear that someone did not want him to keep up the battle against corruption.

In a reaction, the Labour Party said that the Opposition Leader this evening had spoken about allegations that have been hanging over him since before he became Leader of the Nationalist Party. It said that, a year and a half later, Dr Delia is saying that the signatures on the documents are falsified signatures.

The Labour Party went on to say that, had Dr Delia requested an Inquiry about him when the allegations first surfaced, by now perhaps the truth would have been known, but the Opposition Leader had never tried to clear his name.

For the Labour Party, all this shows that Adrian Delia lacks credibility.

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