Konrad Mizzi appeals to Government to publish Vitals Agreement

Former Minister Konrad Mizzi has appealed to the Government, the Economy Ministry and Malta Enterprise to publish the Memorandum of Understanding being referred to by the Auditor General in his report. He said this MOU was about a project on a different scale than that which eventually went out on tender and was solely related to the Gozo Hospital.

Contacted by TVM, Dr Mizzi said the Ministry for Energy and Health which he led had no involvement at all in the memorandum of Understanding. When the proposal was passed to his Ministry by Malta Enterprise, the Ministry explained to Malta Enterprise that the proposal made no sense and did not concur with the Government’s request.

Dr Mizzi said he is informed that Malta Enterprise had written to investors regarding this and told TVM that in the national interest, the Government should publish the MOU and every documentation that concerns him so that all doubts will be removed.

Former Minister Mizzi said it is unfortunate that the Auditor General did not have access to this documentation and thus in his report he has raised a number of queries. He said that regarding the governance and responsibility for the project, the Report by the Evaluation Committee as well as the approval of all the signed contracts were informed to the Cabinet at all stages.

Dr Mizzi said the Cabinet was involved in all the stages of the process, approved the contract and all contracts that had been signed.

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