Konrad Mizzi once more refuses to testify before PAC

Member of Parliament Konrad Mizzi has once more refused the request of the Public Accounts Committee (PAC) to testify before it regarding the Auditor General’s investigation into the Electrogas Contract.

During the Committee’s last session all the Members, four representing the Government and three the Opposition, unanimously agreed that Mizzi should appear before the Committee when he is again requested to testify. However, on his part, the Independent MP wrote to PAC’s Secretary and informed he will not be attending today’ session.

In his email Mizzi included the same reasons why he did not appear before the Committee last week. He maintained he has a right not to appear as part of the constant Parliamentary procedures.

However, Committee Chairman Beppe Fenech Adami said this is not true because various MPs have appeared before the Committee including Lawrence Gonzi and Owen Bonnici.

Deputy Konrad Mizzi said this is also what happens in the UK Parliament and the Malta Parliament follows the same procedures. Again, Chairman Fenech Adami aid this is not true because various British Ministers and MPs have appeared before different committees and if they decline it is Parliament that decrees they must do so.

Committee Member Karol Aquilina presented a Motion that Parliament should order Mizzi to testify before the Committee on the Electrogas Contract, as happens in the United Kingdom.

The Committee was suspended following a request by Government Members to enable them to consult on what should happen in such circumstances.

The Government Members said there is a lack of agreement on procedures and requested the House Speaker to take the decision. The Opposition Members insisted it is Parliament that should decide.

Opposition Members voted in favour of the Motion but the Government members voted against that it should be Parliament that has to decide.