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Public Consultation for improvements in the homes of the elderly

Public Consultation has been launched on the conditions of those living in homes for the elderly while suffering dementia.

The Minister for the Active Elderly, Michael Farrugia, said there are about 1,000 elderly persons resident in homes and suffering from this condition, a condition that is expected to increase over the coming years.

He said the guidelines consist of seven sections and cover training for persons and professionals involved in the sector.

There is also the preparation of a personal plan for the caring of such dementia conditioned persons as well as for their families based on needs and their specific conditions.

Minister Farrugia also announced that soon two specialised centres are to be launched that will operate over 24 hours for those suffering dementia.

He said the guidelines are a prelude to a holistic strategy to improve the general standards of homes for the elderly. In addition he said that later this month guidelines are to be announced on the standards to be applied in all the homes for the elderly, including San Vinċenz de Paule and all private residences. This is to recognise that the elderly deserve the best of standards.

The Public Consultation process will take place over the next six weeks.