UK: Controversy over Dominic Cummings continues

In the UK, the controversy over Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s right-hand man, Dominic Cummings, continues.

Prime Minister Boris Johnson has supported his top adviser and said Cummings had no choice but to move to Durham in the North of England near his parents, when, according to the Prime Minister, both Cummings and his wife were unable to look after their children because they were unwell as a result of COVID-19.

Johnson said in every aspect, Cummings acted responsibly, legally and honestly. The Prime Minister added that several of the allegations were false.

Several other ministers also backed Cummings, but a number of Conservative party MPs themselves and political leaders said the senior official on Downing Street should resign.

Meanwhile, during the news conference, Johnson also said that the United Kingdom could move to a second phase of relaxing coronavirus-related measures, meaning several children could return to school from June 1.

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