Political parties embroiled in controversy over Zammit-Gaffarena links

Deputy Nationalist Party (PN) Leader Beppe Fenech Adami has alleged the Government and the Prime Minister are hostages in a web of scandal and corruption and this to the country’s democratic detriment.

This was alleged with reference to what he described as “Government silence” on the inquiry report and links between the Zammit and Gaffarena families.

Regarding contacts between PN representatives and Gaffarena, Dr Fenech Adami said the difference between his party and the Labour Party was that his party had never granted any illegal favours to Gaffarena whilst – according to him – the Labour Party had given him permission to operate an illegal petrol station and made him a millionaire resulting from the Old Mint Street scandal.

Regarding Ray Zammit who still holds public appointments, PN spokesperson Jason Azzopardi said the Government “warning” to Zammit was “a joke”, especially when Zammit had already been warned on the shooting incident involving ex-Minister Manwel Mallia’s driver.

Reacting, the Labour Party (PL) said that instead of throwing mud it would be better if the PN elaborated on its links with the persons they are now vilifying.

In its own statement the PL stated that facts are showing that the persons being vilified had more links with the PN and shared dinner tables with them. The statement said there were closer links than the PN is trying to lead the public to believe.

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