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Book for children conceived around the current situation

With children unexpectedly stuck in their homes because of Covid-19, author Ġorġ Mallia is offering them a new eBook free of charge. The book is motivated by the current situation and relates the fantasies of two children while all others are confined to their homes.

Two Maltese children – Melanie and Karl – are also confined indoors because of the virus. They start reading and enter the book’s story of an alternative world that has been ruined by the greed of people. They find a method through which to save the world to become a world of reality.

From the pen of author Ġorġ Mallia, “L-Avventura Msaħħra ta’ Melanie u Karl” (“The Fantastic Adventures of Melanie and Karl” – appropriately – is a book which the author describes as being his gift to Maltese and Gozitan children who are confined at home.

Mallia said he realised there are no books that actually feature the current situation that children are undergoing and so he conceived this fantasy adventure in such a situation. He said children are stuck in their homes, unable to meet their friends but reading opens a new window for them on a fantasy world in which they can fulfil all their dreams.

The book took him just over a week to write.

He produced and closed and also drew the caricatures in the book himself which is in pdf format and can be downloaded and read. The type setting is large letters to enable easy reading off a laptop or a tablet or a smartphone.

It can be downloaded from the site

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