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Company offering its staff €18,000 to help them to become parents

The multi-millionaire US company Goldman Sachs is offering a maximum of €18,000 to its staff with the prospect of their becoming parents to enable them to extract eggs for fertilisation or otherwise of purchasing them from a donor.

This forms part of its efforts to defray differences in salary between females and males.

This is the first time that Goldman is providing such a fund for the processing of the two systems and through this move is increasing the chances of prospective same-sex parents, that of women who are not prepared for parenthood right now but wish to freeze their eggs as well as that of parents experiencing problems in becoming parents.

In a memo sent to staff signed by persons in high positions in the company it was explained this benefit is designed to enable every member of the company’s staff to continue advancing in their career while also raising a family.

The company is offering about €9,000 to cover the expense of the removal of eggs from the female womb to be frozen. The sum will also cover the expense of injections to stimulate the ovaries to be able to produce eggs that may be extracted. It was explained that this is normally the largest expense that persons wishing to undergo this procedure have to face. Those availing themselves of the offer will then have to personally pay for the freezing of eggs which amounts to between €150 and €300.

Members of staff are also being offered €18.000 to enable them to purchase eggs from a donor.

The company said this is an improvement on the past when €4,500 was being donated to pay a person for carrying a child in their womb, now rising to a maximum of €18.000.

For those preferring to adopt, a maximum of €9,000 is being offered.

These benefits were introduced on 1st November and come a year after Goldman Sachs increased IVF and sex-change operations to increase its fringe benefits. It has introduced benefits to those parents who work a distance away from home to make breast milk from the mother available to the child as well as the hire of professionals to look after their children or perhaps their sick and aged parents.

A number of companies are currently increasing such benefits as a means of defraying salary differences between males and females.

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