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Almost 75% in Malta satisfied with their financial position – Eurobarometer

EU research has shown that the majority of Maltese are satisfied in their financial well-being and their employment, but expressed concern about immigration, followed by health matters. Over 50% are satisfied with the EU while the absolute majority have confidence in the Government.

The Eurobarometer research was conducted in July and showed that 73% of Maltese are satisfied with their financial position, 3% more than the EU average.

Just over 50% expressed satisfaction in their employment. Regarding the current state of the country, 60% felt the situation is positive, a figure is that is a decrease of 20% as compared to last autumn but double that of the EU average.

A total of 58% said they have faith in the Government, that is, 7% more than in autumn and 18% above the EU average. More than 50% are optimistic about the EU but 72% feel they are EU citizens. Regarding the future, the majority believe that economically and employment-wise the country will remain the same over the coming 12 month. In addition, 28% of Maltese believe the economy will recover from the pandemic after two years of its end.

Despite the pandemic, the Maltese believe the bigger problem is that of immigration affecting the country and 58% believe this is the country’s greatest problem and only 25% of those questioned said health is the greater problem. Among EU Member States the greatest concerns were expressed on the economic situation.

Asked how they felt about measures taken to limit the pandemic spread, the majority said it is not difficult but also not easy to adapt to restrictions imposed by the Health Authorities.

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