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Disagreement between Bishop and Grandmaster gave birth to St Paul Parish in Valletta

Malta today celebrated St Paul’s Shipwreck. The Pauline Cult has always been strong in Malta and as related by historian Mario Coleiro, St Paul has four different feast celebrations: St Paul’s Shipwreck celebrated in Valletta; the Martyrdom of St Paul held in Rabat and the Mdina Cathedral dedicated to the Conversion of St Paul, a feast also celebrated at Safi.

During the programme TVMi – Insights, Coleiro spoke of the Pauline Cult and in his explanation said the Cult regained strength under the patronage of Grandmaster Alof de Wignacourt.

An interesting point that emerged during the programme is how the Pauline Cult spread to Valletta. He said the St Paul Shipwreck Parish came about because of a clash between the Grandmaster and the Bishop. The Dominicans entered into the clash and with the backing of Pope Pius V they established the Parish of St Dominic in Valletta. Coleiro explained the Bishop was determined to establish his parish in Valletta and thus the St Paul Parish came about and 10th February was chosen as the symbolic day to commemorate St Paul’s Shipwreck.

On the day that celebrated St Paul’s arrival in Malta, this evening TVMi – Insights will discuss various aspects of St Paul and Malta, including whether it is true that he did come to Malta.

TVMi – Insights will be screened this evening on TVM at 10.30pm. It can also be viewed here.

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