ADPD agrees that refuse should not be collected on a door-to-door basis

ADPD Chairperson Carmel Cacopardo said his party agrees with the proposal by the Association of Local Councils that that instead of door-to-door collections of refuse, the refuse should be deposited in fixed places in each locality.

Architect Cacopardo said that for this proposal to be enacted the planning and improvement of local infrastructure has to be studied and he proposed a study be held to analyse these proposals as well as to provide alternative solutions for those elderly members of the community suffering mobility problems as well as those persons suffering disabilities.

When making reference to the present system at St Paul’s Bay where the media conference was held, he said that refuse bags are indifferently dumped on pavements and these not only blemish the environment but also pedestrians with disabilities.

The ADPD Deputy Secretary General said that refuse collecting policies have to be updated because they currently reflect community past thinking.