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A luxurious final farewell and voyage

Funeral transport has changed over a period of time. Years back horsedrawn wooden and glass carriages performed the voyage, until the introduction of motorised vehicles. Today, funerals have taken a more sophisticated tone with the use of the most luxurious cars that one can imagine.

Horsedrawn hearses flourished during the middle of the 19th Century and extended into a lengthy period into the 20th Century. However, by the beginning of the 1970s these faded away and transportation resorted to vehicles.

Since then, funeral directors have continually updated themselves to provide the best services for the final voyage as two directors who introduced luxury vehicles explained.

Karl Borg who manages a service that was started by his father said that in less than three weeks he has increased his transport fleet with a Maserati. This has a length of seven metres and has already been used for 12 funerals.

Borg said the mere mention of a Maserati in Italy, England and Spain is an indication of the top of the range, a vehicle that eclipses all others. He said that relatives of the deceased want to be provided with the best service because this after all is the final voyage.

Not a Maserati but a Jaguar, equally luxurious, is according to Mario Tonna much sought after by relatives of the deceased.

Tonna said “It’s state of the art. It conveys a message to relatives that the highest quality service is being provided as befits such a sad occasion.”

What special services do a Maserati and a Jaguar provide at a funeral?

Borg said a lot of electronic services are provided, including a tray as well as soft closing doors; electricity is provided in the hold. He said this is the best quality on the market.

Tonna said the tray containing the coffin is electronically controlled while the rear window is totally glass to provide the best view of the coffin and the side windows are also large.

Rich and poor have to depart on a final journey without distinction. A dignified final farewell is the wish of all relatives of the deceased.

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