New Birżebbuġa waterpolo pitch nearing completion

The new waterpolo pitch at Birżebbuġa built from Government funds is nearing completion. It will be finished when the club premises will be constructed and thereafter the locality will once more have a waterpolo team after an absence from the national championships of 13 years.

The pitch has been long-awaited by Birżebbuġa residents who have been waiting for 15 years. According to the Aquatic and Sports Club President, George Farrugia, tenders for the construction of club premises are being evaluated.

JAN said the pitch was ready and about to be waterproofed and there were high hopes that by next week it would be filled with fresh water and tested. He hoped the evaluation of tenders for club premises would not take a long time because the tenders had been issued three months ago and having waited so many years the residents were now anxious to see completion of the project.

The entire project is valued at €2 million and is being funded by the Government. The actual pitch and its pump system cost €1.2 million.

The Birżebbuga Aquatic and Sports Club is this year celebrating its 60th year of foundation and there were high aspirations everything would be ready for the coming summer.

The club President George Farrugia told that there were commercial plans to make this a sustainable investment. Pitch maintenance and fresh water supplies would cost between €40,000 to €60,000 annually. He said this would become Malta’s third fresh water pitch the other two being the national swimming pool and the Neptunes Pitch at St Julian’s. The club intends to once more enter for the national waterpolo championships which it had not done since 2002.

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