Public Administration has implemented 81% of the Auditor General’s recommendations

Public Administration has reported that 81% of the recommendations made by the Auditor General in the financial year 2018 have been carried out as well as reports that were made last year.

Permanent Principle Secretary Mario Cutajar said the implementation of the recommendations shows the Government’s commitment to strengthen and improve public services in a manner that corresponds to accountability. Over the last five years the Government has given its reports regarding implemented recommendations and over seven years the recommendations made by the Auditor for Public Services have been reduced by 42%.

Cutajar said structures are in place and systems are being built through the permanent structures and being given permanance. He said today one no longer finds that a recommendation in one year is again repeated the following year with the Auditor complaining nothing had been done. Today, systems have accountability and entities like ERA and engineering resources are being awarded good practice certificates.

Among the recommendations made by the Auditor and were implemented there was the introduction of an informatics system in the Citizenship with Investment Scheme, an analysis of the Direct Orders issued as well as the assurance that the Malta Tourism Authority only pays after agreement has been reached.

Another recommendation being implemented regards the Courts of Justice where assurance is being provided by an electronic system that ensures the due payment of fines is updated regularly. In addition a principle agreement has been signed by the Court and the Kordin Corrective Facility to assess the proper implementation of prison sentences.