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Catholic Action to offer a house as temporary shelter for those who have no place to sleep

The Malta Catholic Action has initiated a project so that a house which it has in Balzan is being transformed into a location that will provide shelter for families or persons who have no place to sleep. The project has been estimated to cost €50,000.

Dar Reġina Pacis in Balzan was donated to the movement and throughout the years has been used to help form the character of young women from the locality. However, it has not been used for a number of years and now requires extensive refurbishment. The Catholic Action decided it should be transformed into a residence to shelter those without a roof over their heads.

Sarah Caruana, who is the General Secretary of the movement, said Catholic Action has taken into account the reality of a situation existing in Malta and decided to explore the possibility this be transformed into a temporary shelter for those in need. She said the reality of the situation is that for various reasons families or youths encounter situations where they need accommodation until they can reintegrate themselves in the community and return to living a normal life.

The house consists of two large rooms and a bathroom on the ground floor and three rooms on the first floor. After discussions with those who may contribute to the project, including volunteers, work is to begin on refurbishing so that the ground floor may continue to be used as a centre for character formation and the upper floor as a temporary shelter. This will have a kitchen, a bathroom and a bedroom that will sleep four people.

Sarah Caruana explained the project is expected to cost €50,000 because six beams have to be changed, the roof has to be membrane, the electricity and water systems have to be changed, the house has to be plastered and equipped with furniture. Catholic Action is welcoming any kind of help for this project to be achieved.

The movement currently has 1,500 members, half the number being youths. In 2020 Catholic Action will be celebrating the 90th year of its foundation in Malta.

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