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Engineer Daniel Micallef says proposed amendments to Engineering Act are detrimental to engineers

The President of the Chamber of Engineers, Daniel Micallef, said the proposed amendments to the Act that regulates the engineering profession are detrimental to the profession.

During a media conference Dr Micallef said that the proposed amendments defining the word “engineer” will be changed to “providing engineering services”. He said this will enable persons without the necessary qualifications to carry out engineering works.

He said there may be situations where a contractor or a particular industry may use the services of an unqualified person and without any form of basic training, services which cannot be verified by a professional.

Engineer Micallef said the revised Act shows that engineering activity refers solely to the certification of any engineering service whether electrical or mechanical.

He requested an extension to enable further discussions among engineers before the amendments are approved in Parliament.

In a statement, the Board of Professional Engineers said it needs to assure that the final interest in the legislative process is to ensure the engineering profession is given further recognition. The Board said it is to continue consultations with the Chamber of Engineers until agreement is reached.