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The first and last song could be most remembered by voters – Dr Cremona

Michela will be the first singer to open tomorrow’s Final of the Eurovision Song Contest. This follows yesterday evening’s tension when Malta was the last country to be announced it had qualified for the Final from the second Semi-Final.

In a first reaction Michela expressed her satisfaction and said she had expected that her dream would become a reality. The last time Malta progressed to contest a Final was in 2016.

The announcement of yesterday’s result was a strong test for the heart for man, particularly for Michela who with her joyful celebration continued to capture European hearts and further afield after her excellent rendering of her song ‘Chameleon’ which put Malta in the Final after a two-year absence.

Dr George Cremona, a researcher into the educational element of Eurovision, said Michela’s talent had surprised many observers and international journalists who had positive comments for Malta’s first X Factor winner.

He said they mentioned facts that show that Michela is not only capable but they wanted to praise her capability in articles and film coverage that said she was still just 18, that she hailed from a small island and that she had never performed on such a large stage.

Michela had little time in which to celebrate her progress because early this morning she had another difficult rehearsal before her official performance before a professional jury that will cast 50% of the vote.

On Saturday evening Michela will be the first to perform her song from the 26 that have to be performed. According to Dr Cremona this position is not a favourable one as during the last 20 years nobody that had performed the first song had succeeded. He maintained there is however another argument.

He said there is a psychological standpoint that says the opening song and the final song are ones that are most remembered when it comes to cast votes.

This evening’s Final will be directly transmitted by Television Malta and from 9 pm onward.


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