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World Health Organisation says that Covid-19 recoveries may still be subject to re-infection

More than 610 have died in Sweden over the last 24 hours with the community now suffering the authorities having dragged their heels and not ordering restrictions while carrying on life as usual. The only directive was to maintain social distancing. The Internal Ministry has warned that if groups gather in establishments, these will be closed. The death toll has now reached 2,200 and the number of those infected has risen to 19,000.

In the United States, although the death toll has exceeded 51,000 persons, some States have now begun to relax restrictions. Various establishments have re-opened, including restaurants. The States of Georgia and Oklahoma are among to the first to kick-start their economy.

Meanwhile, US President Donald Trump has confirmed the issue of a fourth package of financial support that reaches $US484 billion to boost the economy. The number of reported infected cases throughout the US has now risen to 890,000.

In Belgium, the authorities said that on 11th May all shops may re-open and a week later schools will re-open but the classes will be smaller. During the last few hours 241 deaths have been recorded and the total death toll has now almost reached 7,000 and over 45,000 have been infected with the virus.

Belgium has a population of 11 million people and therefore the per capita death toll from the virus is the highest. To enable work to continue a social distance of two metres has to be observed and people have been provided with a vibrating bracelet to indicate when this distance is not being kept.

In Spain, while the lockdown has been extended to 10th May, 378 people have perished over the last 24 hour, slightly more than yesterday and the total death toll has now reached 22,524. Meanwhile, commercial establishments that have remained closed have been making arrangements for their re-opening. One restaurant has installed glass panels to separate diners. However, many retail outlets and hotels are expected to go bankrupt and Spain will once more have the highest unemployment rate in Europe.

Over the last 24 hours, 813 have died in Britain from the virus and the number of those infected has increased by 5,000 people and the number of deaths has now exceeded 20,000.

Worldwide, 200,000 deaths have now been recorded and infections have reached almost three million people. The World Health Organisation has announced that those persons who had the virus and have recovered does not make them immune from being infected again. It said there is as yet no evidence of any immunity to the virus.

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