World Health Organisation warns that COVID-19 infections are increasing because of youths

The World Health Organisation (WHO) has warned that youths are causing an increase of COVID-19 infections in Europe with many countries registering an increase in infections among youths,

Italy: State of Emergency up to 15th October

Italy has extended its State of Emergency to 15th October to enable the Government to address more problems that have been caused by the pandemic.

The country’s Opposition Parties have objected to this and are accusing the Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte of attempting to hold on to the reins of power despite a dramatic decrease in the rate of infections.

Under the State of Emergency that was introduced last month, Central and Regional Regions have been given greater powers to enable Ministers to declare on what has become known as “red zones” so that in cases of an increase in infections the resources of hospitals will be strengthened.

Spain: Over the last three months one million work places have been lost

In Spain, strict directives have resulted so that in a period of three months, one million persons have lost their jobs.
According to official figures between April and June, 1.1 million jobs have been lost bringing the total of unemployed to 3.7 million persons with unemployment levels now reaching 15.3%.

France: Pandemic deaths have now doubled

In France, yesterday 14 Covid deaths were recorded, doubling the fatality figures reported last week.

The French Health Minister urged all not to relax in their precautions and awareness because according to him this is a long-term battle.

So far, 30,200 people have died because of COVID-19.

Germany: Availability of vaccine for all not expected until mid-2021

Amidst concerns that there may be a second wave of the virus, the Minister for Research, Anja Karliczek, said it is not expected that an appropriate Coronavirus vaccine will be available for all until the middle of next year.

The World Health Organisation has listed 11 experimental vaccines against COVID-19 that are currently being tested on humans.


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