Għaqda Repubblika members to stage three-day sit-in protest outside the Police Depot

Għaqda Repubblika members are to stage a sit-in action in front of the Police General Headquarters.

During a media conference, the group’s President, Robert Aquilina, said they will stage the sit-down throughout the night on a 24 hour basis, rain or shine, up to this Friday.

Aquilina said the protest is being staged because of the lack of Police action, mainly concerning Konrad Mizzi.

The 72 hours will be spent under shelter and the public will be called to attend a protest at Castile.

Aquilina further said that the moment the Police Commissioner arrests and arraigns Konrad Mizzi in Court, their protests will stop. If this does not happen the protest will continue outside Police HQ and then continue in front of the Prime Minister’s Office.

He maintained that Repubblika has long been issuing warnings but their patience has limits and they have given many chances for Police Commissioner Angelo Gafa to carry out his work. Now this has gone beyond all limits and the Commissioner should be ashamed that nothing has been done about the Panama Papers as well as the motives leading to the homicide of Daphne Caruana Galizia.

Aquilina added that the time has now come for the Police Commissioner to stop trying to fool them and he will now have to heed the protests.