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Calypso’s Cave: Study of works needed to preserve the site

Required works are to be carried out on a site in Gozo that is tied to Greek Mythology, a site currently closed to the public for public safety reasons. The site is Calypso’s Cave on the rim of the Ramla l-Ħamra Bay. The first step will be that of carrying out a study to establish the necessary works that have to be carried out.

The cave is situated in the limits of Xagħra and from here one can admire the natural beauty of this part of Gozo, including a belvedere that is adjacent to the cave. The cave itself however has been closed to the public for many years because the rock formation began to crumble and subside, rendering it dangerous to public health and safety.

Back in time the cave was much deeper and gave rise to a number of legends including one that related how a school master and his party of students entered the cave and never emerged. However, the cave is actually related to Greek Mythology.

The Gozo Ministry has concluded an agreement with the NGO Wirt Għawdex (Gozo Heritage), for the study to be carried out and recommendations for the necessary interventions. When the study is completed the necessary applications for works will be forwarded to the authorities concerned.

The Executive Secretary of Wirt Għawdex, Giovanni Zammit, said that the architect Hermann Bonnici has been engaged to lead the study and then submit applications to MEPA as well as a tender for works and after that the responsibility will be on the Government to supervise the works carried out.

Gozo Minister Justyne Caruana said this is the first project in collaboration with Wirt Għawdex this year.

She said this shows the way how collaboration can be carried out with local NGOs through making the necessary arrangements and providing the necessary financial assistance. The method is that of the Ministry providing the funds and the NGO providing the expertise.

Dr Caruana said her Ministry is committed that following the study and the necessary restoration works, the public may once more enjoy Calypso’s Cave.