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Profuse sweating resulted in unexpected news

A 60-year-old American received totally unexpected news when he visited a doctor for what he thought was a minor ailment.

The man was often suffering from bouts of copious sweating which were happening regularly and lasted a few minutes each time, during these last three years.

When investigated by medics no symptoms were diagnosed until he suffered such a session while at the clinic.

He told doctors he was not feeling well and was suffering hot spasms. His head drooped for two minutes and he could not communicate.

Doctors said he began sweating profusely and from his total lack of communication they made an initial diagnosis that was confirmed by an EEG test. The man was suffering bouts of a convulsive fit.

Doctors said such a condition was unusual that a patient reported heat spasms and sweated profusely resulting in the outcome of a convulsive fit.

He was prescribed tablets and these solved the problem.


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