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New Police Station at Marsascala will be equipped with all the latest technology

The new Police Station being built at Marsascala is the first to have been built specifically for this purpose over the last 40 years or so. The Station is being built in the heart of the locality and near the Primary School.

Marsascala is one of the most important localities in the south of the country and the Station is currently being run from temporary premises while work on the new Station is progressing steadily. Visiting the site of the Station being built on an investment of €1 million, Police Commissioner Angelo Gafà said the new Station will be fully equipped with the latest technology and will have space for the Police community.

He said the Corps wants to provide better premises for its employees because many Stations around the country were not specifically built for Police purposes and they thus present problems in today’s world. He said this is the first Station to actually be built since the last station was built at Qawra in the 80s.

The Minister for Internal Affairs and National Security, Byron Camilleri, emphasised that security is a priority for the Government and this year’s expenditure on security matters will be approximately six times more than it was nine years ago. He reminded that reforms in the Police Corps carried out in September concentrated on a Police presence in the community, close to the people, and not just exercised in a Police Station.

He said a Police Station will have a place but this will not be for Police Officials to remain inside but to be out and about, on the beat and there will be more street patrols in the heart of the community and more contact with the community. This will help in crime prevention as well as providing assistance to the community when it is needed.

Minister Camilleri aid this year work will begin on the renovation and improvement of the Police Stations at Ħamrun and Msida, while Police community services will be increased in all areas.