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The love of a mother with disabilities for her son with the Down Syndrome condition

At the age of 12 she suffered a disability as a result of an illness and after many years of marriage she bore a son born with the Down Syndrome condition. Despite the challenges she has had to face, Lorraine Pellicano says that her son Thomas has been a blessing on her life and she is spurred by eagerness to convey courage to other mothers.

In the bloom of her youth, Lorraine Pellicano was afflicted by severe arthritis and ended up with physical disabilities and mobility problems as well as disabilities in both hands.

Lorraine said she was 12 when she fell ill with severe arthritis which confined her to bed and caused her to miss her schooling and this led to other infirmities including hip replacements.

After many years of marriage to Tommy, Lorraine gave birth to Thomas, who was born with the Down Syndrome condition.

She said she often had misgivings she would not be capable, even though she had her husband’s assistance and it still takes her time to do certain things.

Facing the challenges of a mother with disabilities and a son with a condition, the Pellicano family found a ray of hope in the Dar tal-Providenza. Lorraine had been working at the Dar for several years and after giving birth to Thomas she began to use the services offered by the Dar, including the therapeutic swim pool.

Lorraine Pellicano said Thomas began using the hydrotherapy pool as part of his therapy to help to learn how to swim.

This Friday, the programme ‘Xarabank’ will be collecting donations for the Dar tal-Providenza so that families like that of Lorraine and Thomas and many other persons with disabilities continue to find a shoulder of support they can rely on.

Lorraine Pellicano urged people to donate as much as they can because there is great need to meet the Dar’s annual expenditure to continue helping those who are in need.

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