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Construction industry has to elevate the country from this crisis – the PM

Prime Minister Robert Abela has appealed to the construction industry to help others. In a meeting at Castille with the developers’ association (MDA), he said the good times will not be restored quickly and the industry has to elevate the country from this period of crisis.

He said he understands that all sectors are facing difficulties but it is not possible for the Government to compensate all. The PM said that from a medical aspect the country is currently coping in containing the virus spread while the Government is working on the economic aspect.

The Association President, Sandro Chetcuti, noted that compared to other countries Malta is faring well and expressed his hopes the country will emerge from the current situation.

Douglas Salt, on behalf of the properties agency, said the sector employs about 2,500 persons, most of them Maltese. He said the industry is at a standstill because of the social distancing and lockdowns of a number of people. He further stated the agency has honoured salaries and other payments this month and has not restricted working hours.