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“Bishop Mario Grech has been called to be one of the nearest collaborators of the Pope ” – The Archbishop

Archbishop Charles Scicluna said everybody welcomes that one of us, Bishop Mario Grech, has been chosen by Pope Francis as a Cardinal of the Holy Roman Catholic Church. He said this means that one of us has a great responsibility in the future when the successor of St Peter will have to be chosen.

The Arch Bishop said that Monsignor Grech has been called as one of the nearest collaborators to Pope Francis.

In his message the Archbishop explained that the Cardinals represent the Church clergy and that is why deacons, presbyteries and bishops are called. He said their important role in representing the clergy is that of selecting the successor of St Peter, the Bishop of Rome.

He augured His Eminence Cardinal Mario Grech in his new role and paid tribute not only to the Gozitan Diocese which now has a Cardinal in the Church, but also Cardinal Grech’s parents, his brethren, his neighbours and the people of the Ta’ Kerċem Parish.