Students of medicines maintain their support for the administering of anti-Covid vaccinations

The Għaqda tal-Istudenti tal-Mediċina ta’ Malta (MMSA – Students of Medicines) has maintained its position in being in favour of vaccinations and disassociated itself from personal opinions expressed by some students showing concerns about COVID-19 vaccinations.

In a statement, the MMSA said the absolute majority of its 700 members recognise the clear scientific evidence that anti-COVID vaccinations are effective and secure and are an important tool to fight against the pandemic.

It said a great number of students of medicines had helped in the country’s fight against the pandemic by administering vaccinations to the public. Over and above, most of the students have been vaccinated.

Therefore, the MMSA stated it wholeheartedly supports the stance taken by the Faculty of Medicines and Surgery and urged members of the public to be vaccinated.

Throughout the pandemic, the MMSA has supported the administering of vaccinations through social media as well as having published a Policy Paper stressing the importance of vaccination and addressing mistaken concepts about the vaccine.