“The EU is skirting around immigration issues without tackling the real problems”

Maltese Euro Parliamentarian Miriam Dalli has appealed for policies that reflect the serious situation of Europe’s immigration problems and for these to be managed by all European countries. Dr Dalli said that current EU policies for immigration were clearly not working.

Dr Dalli said that instead of tackling the core of EU immigration problems the Union is skirting around the edges with policies that only tackle the consequences.

Speaking during a European Parliamentary debate discussing refugee and immigration problems in Europe, Dr Dalli maintained theissue goes beyond European frontiers and required joint action with a number of countries worldwide.

She said the challenges currently faced by the EU were undermining European frontiers and European Law because they had not been designed to deal with the current crises. This, she maintained was fully illustrated by agreements in Schengen between EU countries as well as the Dublin Agreement and this meant that immigrants seeking asylum were stuck in the country they first entered.

Dr Dalli emphasised the need for policies that would enable immigration problems to be managed as they should be and the prospect of burden sharing was not functioning and the full weight was being carried by countries that were on the frontiers of the crises.

She said there was little use in finger-pointing because the reality is that countries on the front-line are being left on their own and these should not be abandoned to deal with problems on their own and without any assistance.

Dr Dalli stressed that unless the EU tackles the issue seriously and continues to uselessly procrastinate around the problem it will allow it to grow greater than it is today.