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Office of Commissioner for Children requests legal action be taken against father who took his minor son on a hunting trip

The Office of the Commissioner for Children has expressed its great concern over a recent video posted online by BirdLife Malta showing a minor child using a firearm for hunting purposes.

In a statement the Office said this is a clear case of the Act for the Bearing of Arms by a minor for shooting but not as far as hunting is concerned.

The Office said this incident took place with the blessing and without adequate supervision of the adult accompanying the child. It alleged this has placed the child in alleged criminal activity of which it became a victim because of an adult.

The Office also called for this criminal act to be arraigned in Court in the shortest time possible as the Law is effective to protect children and punish those who create abuse. It added its concern that the minor child was in the presence of a firearm when this was accidentally triggered and could have caused serious injuries.

In addition, the Office said there is a vacuum in the Law that does not prohibit children accompanying hunters on their hunting trips. It called on Parliament to pass the necessary Amendment to close this dangerous vacuum.

The Office ended by stating that it has no agenda or position regarding hunting because this is not in its competence. The concern of the Office is where minors are considered and placed at risk during the use of firearms.