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The tracksuit will become the uniform for students

Following a period of public consultation by the Ministry for Education over school uniforms involving students, teachers and parents, the majority choice of all sectors has opted in favour of a uniform of a comfortable, quality tracksuit and including poloshirts, t-shirts, caps and a winter jacket. The consultation process was carried out in three phases between 1st February and 18th March this year.

A statement released by the Education Ministry said that 85% of Primary School students who participated in focus groups had opted for a uniform of a comfortable and quality tracksuit. The focus groups were spread throughout 20 Primary Schools from ten Colleges, two from each College. In Middle and Secondary Schools, 91% of students opted for tracksuits in an online survey.

Parents and teachers took part through an online survey with 89% of parents having children in Primary, Middle and Secondary Schools favouring a tracksuit as uniform. From the teaching sector, 56% of teachers also opted for a tracksuit.

The Ministry said there are currently internal ongoing consultations with the appropriate officials to determine the best choice of material design for tracksuits to ensure it is comfortable and adapted for school wear. There were also internal discussions as to the best method for the new uniform to be gradually introduced so as to reduce any financial burdens on families.

It was stated the tracksuit design will have varying features according to Primary, Middle and Secondary. Every State College will have its particular design and colour to distinguish identity. When the design and material to be used is finalised, the process will begin for a supplier and the Ministry will publish a request for proposals to establish the best proposal conforming to specifications as well as the best financial offer. Details as to who will assess the proposal requests and choose the best supplier will be public once the process is finalised.

The Ministry informed there is to be a phasing-in of the new uniform and arrangements are being made as to when this will be introduced.

• School Year 2019/2020

The present uniform will be retained while parents may send their children wearing a tracksuit, including a poloshirt, t-shirt, shorts, a cap and a jacket for winter uniform.

• School Year 2020/2021

The new tracksuit, including poloshirt, t-shirt, shorts, cap u winter jacket will begin at Kindergarten 1, Year 1, Year 7 and Year 9.

• School Year 2021/2022

Every student will attend school in a tracksuit including a poloshirt, t-shirt, shorts, cap u winter jacket.

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