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Labour MPs accuse Jason Azzopardi of lying on Spinola case at PAC

Nationalist MP Jason Azzopardi was accused of lying under oath in the previous hearing of the Public Accounts Parliamentary Committee.

The accusation was made by Parliamentary Secretary Julia Farrugia Portelli who drew his attention that he had said, under oath, that when he had a ministerial position he did not possess a private postal electronic address.

Labour MP Alex Muscat told him that at the end of 2012 he had launched a personal website with a private postal electronic address.

Deputy Azzopardi replied that he never used that electronic address as the website was administered by a company in his name.

Earlier, Parliamentary Secretary Farrugia Portelli accused him of also lying when in a statement of the Committee meeting when he spoke for the first time in public on the Spinola case, he admitted now that last November’s Nationalist Party statement on the same case was part of it and he assumed responsibility for the whole statement.

PAC chairman Beppe Fenech Adami said that these are divergences of opinions and that Dr Azzopardi had given an explanation on them.

Labour MP Robert Abela stated that in the statement Dr Azzopardi attacked a principle witness on the case because he was employed with Minister Konrad Mizzi, but failed to say that the same person was in the past the personal assistant of former Parliamentary Secretary Edwin Vassallo.

Dr Azzopardi replied that he did not know all the members of Ministers’ secretaries when he was still a deputy.

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