Labour Party says PN leader fabricated another story after being caught lying about Egrant

The Labour Party said that now that the Opposition Leader was caught lying about Egrant, he has fabricated another story. It said that Dr Busuttil first alleged that Egrant was a company which belongs to the Prime Minister’s wife, and now he is saying this is secondary and that he cannot present proof of this as he was not the one who came out with the story.

The PL said that the PN leader has chosen to continue flinging accusations around and said that whoever was asked to appear in front of Magistrate Bugeja has already testified, with the exception of Simon Busuttil’s friend, Daphne Caruana Galizia.

The Labour Party said that it was clear that Simon Busuttil is the biggest fake and liar among all the politicians in the history of our country, so much so that he cannot even substantiate his own lies.