Labour Party still attracting new faces with goodwill and enthusiasm – PM

Prime Minister and Labour Leader Robert Abela declared that eight years after it was elected to Government, the Labour Party is still attracting new faces with goodwill and enthusiasm so that the country can continue on the road to being the best country in Europe.

Dr Abela stated that the Labour Party has remained a living party as it has continued to regenerate itself.

Interviewed on One Radio, the Prime Minister said this Government is focused and determined to continue carrying out projects which prepare the country for the future, ranging from the infrastructure to the economy and environment. Dr Abela added that the Labour Party is attracting new candidates with innovative ideas to propagate wealth in the country.

Dr Abela stated that digitisation was very important during the pandemic, with various sectors from all walks of life having shown there was a need for change. The Prime Minister added that various processes have been digitised and the economy has moved on.

The Prime Minister said the Government continued operating on the main principle of investing in people, including with a vision for financial services for the coming three years. Also regarding climate change, which is an opportunity for the economy as it is a process that will provide a window for the country to convert to electric-powered vehicles, which will create opportunities for more work.

Dr Abela referred to the Government’s economic vision for the coming ten years, launched some days ago, with the aim of the country’s economy being innovative, sustainable and the best in the world. The Prime Minister stated that this is a revolutionary vision through which the Government is looking to the year 2050 with Green Deal targets as an opportunity to create more work and opportunities for investment.

The Prime Minister also referred to the second interconnector in 2025 for the country to be prepared for electricity demand in the coming years and in reference to Opposition criticism that this Government had copied the Nationalist Party, Dr Abela stated that had this Government copied the Nationalist Party it would have increased electricity bills, as they had done with half a billion euro when in Government.

Dr Abela stated that the second interconnector is needed as the Nationalist Government had installed the first interconnector without looking to the future, and also perhaps because it had not imagined that under a Labour Government the economy would grow to such an extent. The Prime Minister queried how the Nationalist Party can ever criticise the Government when they had been the ones to choose Heavy Fuel Oil for the power station, the worst choice because of damage to people’s health and the environment. Contrary to this, the Government is now looking towards producing electricity with Hydrogen and Green Hydrogen.

The Prime Minister pointed out that the difference between a Nationalist Party and a Labour one is that the former operates on mediocrity whereas this Government believes in excellence. Dr Abela added that as Prime Minister he believes in people’s qualities, including in the energy sector, in the business sector and in infrastructure.

Dr Abela referred to the eight million euro the Government had given to Hospice Malta, a social project to provide dignified palliative care to end-of-life patients. The speaker appealed to the Opposition so that even if there is an improvement in the citizenship programme set-up, the Opposition should work hand in hand with the Government, as it is through this citizenship programme that so many major social projects are being implemented for the benefit of the people.