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Lampuki season expected to be a short one

The lampuki season started off well this year, but fishmongers are predicting that the season will be a short one. Fresh fish and traditions tied in with fishing are expected to be at the heart of an activity being organised by the Parliamentary Secretariat for Fisheries in the village associated with the fishing industry.

Although the lampuki season is barely a month old, the fishermen are already of the opinion that it will be a poor season. And whilst the fishermen were out in their boats on the open sea catching this traditional fish, fishmongers at Marsaxlokk are saying that the lampuki are again not plentiful this year.

In Marsaxlokk, restaurant owner Victor Aquilina told that when in season, the lampuka is always a firm favourite with the Maltese.

Although lampuki are not being landed in abundance, this coming weekend Marsaxlokk fishermen are again going to organise a fish festival, as at the end of the day the sea provides a wide variety of fish. Announcing this activity, Parliamentary Secretary Clint Camilleri said the process has started for the building of a breakwater in Marsaxlokk Harbour. The Parliamentary Secretary added that discussions are ongoing with a number of entitites for the breakwater to be built.


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