“Last month the Government registered the highest ever financial income for August”- PM

Prime Minister and Labour Party Leader Robert Abela stated that last month the Government registered the highest financial income in history for August. Dr Abela explained that the distribution of the vouchers had led to an increase in private consumption, adding that the income also indicated the lowest rate of unemployment in history.

Regarding activities held on the eve of Independence Day, the Labour Leader said the difference between both parties stood out, with the Labour Party showing it was united, focused on the future and open to criticism, whereas the Nationalist Party showed it is divided, and boasts that only anything it does is good, and whatever anyone else does is bad.

In a telephone link-up on ONE Radio, the Prime Minister spoke about the country’s economic and financial situation, pointing out that the people are aware the Government does not work by promising everything to everyone or saying it would do everything at once, but rather, it works to a plan through which it implements what it promises.

Dr Abela stated that in August the Government registered the highest financial income in history for this month: 180 million euro more than last year and 53 million euro more than for the August prior to the start of the pandemic. The Prime Minister explained that the vouchers led to an increase in private consumption to pre-pandemic levels, adding that this record income indicates also that unemployment has dropped to its lowest rate in history.

The Prime Minister stated that for the fourth consecutive year, the Government is giving tax refund cheques to all workers, both full-time and part-time. Dr Abela explained that 250,000 workers are benefiting from the tax refund, with 35 million euro going back into Maltese and Gozitan pockets.

The Prime Minister described the 62+ bonds as a clear example of how the Government is helping pensioners, as some 100 million euro in bonds for the elderly have been issued every year for the past three years, as a result of which the elderly can save and improve their income. Dr Abela described these as Government schemes with a progressive economic policy that had not existed during a Nationalist administration, just as increases being given by the Government in pensions year after year were also not given.

The Prime Minister also referred to his address to the United Nations General Assembly, pointing that Malta’s message stressed on the need for an equal, inclusive, resilient and sustainable world.

Dr Abela said the pandemic had given lasting lessons and had shown that if we want a better world, the countries have to work with commitment at the highest political level in order to address common challenges which include the heart of the digital economy and climate change and its effects on countries, including the climate in Malta.

Dr Abela stated that as founder of the association of developing island states, Malta has shown it is ready to make a contribution towards an improvement at political, economic and social levels, including towards finding solutions in Libya.

Referring to the meeting to be held in Malta by the Socialist and Democratic Group within the European Parliament, the Labour leader stated that in this way Malta is showing it is not only an observer at international level but has been given recognition for progressive reforms carried out on issues like equality and work which lead to an exchange of ideas within the context of the family with common principles.