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Latest developments in Brussels summit – no agreement on Brexit

The European Union and the UK have not yet concluded their negotiations for a Brexit deal despite the need for assurance for what will happen about Ireland; a country which has ended up being partly in the UK and another part which will still be in the EU.

This divide is leading to a delicate issue about borders with lots of implications, including the movement of people and products and aspects related to security.

During the European leaders summit in Brussels, the EU has offered the UK that if a deal is reached for Brexit to take place in March of next year, it will extend the period of transition for a further few months.

The period of transition is currently scheduled to take place by the end of 2020, which is intended to allow both sides to adapt to the new scenario of a European Union without the UK, and for all the details to be finalized in the new relationship between them.

Watch the direct link with Brandon Pisani from Brussels last night:

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