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Lawyer Amadeus Cachia charged with issuing false deferment decrees

Lawyer Amadeus Cachia has been arraigned in court and charged with falsifying Constitutional Court decrees with fictional sittings, with the intention of deceiving his clients who are serving sentences at Corradino Correctional Facility. It was stated in Court that Dr Cachia used to falsify Constitutional Court decrees and hand them to the prison for forwarding to his clients. The falsified decrees would state that the Constitutional case of the client in question had started, and as a result, Cachia would then charge his clients.

Prosecuting Inspectors George Frendo and Wayne Borg said they had received reports from prison officers regarding decrees sent in by lawyer Amadeus Cachia with information about deferment of sittings. The Prosecution added that when the prison officers checked with Court officials about the sittings, it resulted that these sittings were inexistent.

Police investigations led to the discovery that the emails with false decrees originated from Cachia’s IP address. The Prosecution further stated they were aware of falsified decrees on five occasions, two of which were found to have been sent from the lawyer’s Qrendi home.

31-year-old Amadeus Cachia pleaded not guilty to the charges. Defence lawyers Stephen Tonna Lowell and Marion Camilleri requested a ban on publication of the accused’s name, arguing that although the case concerned Amadeus Cachia on his own, it could put the legal group he worked for in a bad light.

The Court, Magistrate Josette Demicoli presiding, denied the request, whilst acceding to the request for bail on a number of conditions, including not making contact with Prosecution witnesses, among whom three Judges, Court officials, prison officers and prison inmates who are his clients.

In the case of the Judges, the Court ordered that Cachia should neither enter their courtrooms nor their chambers. The Court also ordered a ban on the publication of the names of all witnesses in this case. Cachia was granted bail against a 2,500 euro deposit and a 10,000 euro personal guarantee.