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Leave their office to tackle roots of social problems

Professionals from the Foundation of Social Welfare Services are leaving their offices and visit homes of families with particular challenges, such as social problems or mental health and addictions. The service, which has been in place on a national basis for almost three years, led to some cases that were not issued with care orders and the children remained living in their natural family environment.

Last year, 120 families benefited from the FSWS service which assisted them with therapeutic services by professionals who visited them at their homes once a week.

Family therapist, Karl Wright, said that these people need someone to listen to and care for them. He stated that less care orders are being issued as a result of this service.

“The service does everything to keep a family united and at home. Therefore, yes, there are cases where a care order was about to be issued and was held, because children were kept at home through the work carried out by different professionals”, Mr Wright said.

The director of therapeutic services at the Foundation, Claire Sammut, said that problems in these families are various and consist of challenges of mental health, relationships and drug abuse.

“The service is being effective by assisting these families with great needs; there are also moments where children are at risk. We are visiting and assisting the families because the aim is that we assist children to stay with the families. We work closely with families so that the situation improves as much as possible”. Ms Sammut said.

During a report presentation, the Foundation’s chief executive Alfred Grixti stated that the service, which was extended on a national basis in 2016, will be increased to reach more families in need.

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