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LED lighting system leads to reduction of electricity consumption at Kirkop sport complex

A Maltese company which benefited from the Research and Innovation national programme – Fusion – started producing LED lighting systems to be used in sports complexes.

In collaboration with SportMalta, Altern company starting installing a new lighting system at the Kirkop sports complex, which reduced electricity consumption.

Altern company received two hundred thousand euros in funds from Fusion programme by the Maltese Council for Science and Technology.

Engineer Matthew Spiteri said that initial results showed that the system will lead to the saving of much energy. “We managed to measure some 65% energy to create the same amount of electricity, which is an important leap towards sustainability”.

Engineer Spiteri said that the Innovled project provides a possibility that more sport complexes will benefit from the lighting system which offers many advantages.

“You need less energy to generate less amount of electricity, longer life times and smart control; that is for the first time we have a product that controls dimming, and also its white colour. Therefore, it can be used not only for sports aspects but also for activities such as when a complex is used for entertainment or other events”.

Mr Spiteri said the company is exploring international markets, such as Frankfurt, where tests are being held on the new system to determine if it can resist low temperatures.

Parliamentary Secretary Silvio Schembri said that this innovation reflects the efforts of the Council for Science and Technology to link research with industry. He said that the Fusion programme will continue to contribute so that more innovators will reach their aspirations.

Parliamentary Secretary Clifton Grima said that the Sport Secretariat is committed to improve sporting facilities, both for athletes and to spectators. He added that the Innovled system is good for the environment and also reduces costs at sport complexes.

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