“Legal amendments will reflect today’s working conditions”: Minister Abela

The future of the industrial tribunal, work-life balance and the extraordinary crisis facing employees/ workers were among the topics covered at the first national conference on employment law. Minister Carmelo Abela said that amendments would be made to the law to better reflect the working conditions today, characterized by technological advancement.

At a national conference on the future of employment which saw the participation of workers’ representatives, employers and stakeholders, the Minister in the Office of the Prime Minister Carmelo Abela emphasized that changes would be made in employment law to reflect the realities of the present and future. Minister Abela said that the legal amendments would seek to protect the interests of the workers, of employers and the economic competitiveness of the country.

Minister Abela said that technological developments, COVID-19 and changes in industrial relations and the workplace were radically changing what we are normally used to. He said that our country was one of the first to take the initiative in this field.

“It is important to talk about these issues but also about new conditions such as the right to disconnect given that with the tools we have today, a worker can work from anywhere at any time, so these are new conditions that defend the interests of workers . ”
He also mentioned that work is underway on a legislative framework on remote working. The Minister responsible for working conditions also referred to work being done to update the Wage Regulation Orders for different sectors in a modern economy. Work is also being done to broaden the relevance of the Industrial Tribunal.