Legalization of cannabis could be a blow to illegal markets – MEP Engerer

MEP Cyrus Engerer expressed the view that cannabis should be legalized and placed in a regulated and secure framework to remove control from traffickers.

Speaking at a conference he organized virtually in the European Parliament together with ENCOD, the European Coalition for a Fair and Effective Drug Policy, Engerer said that organized crime which was capitalising on prohibition policy was leading cannabis users to illegal markets while buying an inferior product without regulation.

Economists Marco Rossi from Sapienza University and Professor Justus Haucap from the University of Dusseldorf have estimated that billions of dollars are raised from organized crime circles each year due to the lack of laws surrounding cannabis policy.

Engerer said the “War on drugs” mentality benefits no one but traffickers, stressing that we need to base our policies on facts and science. “We need to adopt a policy that allows us to move the cannabis policy from the perspective of the Home Affairs and the police, to a more social policy perspective.”

During the conference Engerer said that he will be submitting a number of proposals to the Maltese Government in the consultation he is conducting on cannabis for personal use.