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Day and night Marcel Pisani’s parents worry about what may have happened to him

“I am off shopping” were the last words of 50-year-old Marcel Pisani who is confined to a wheelchair when he last spoke to his parents on the evening of 28th December. Parents Alfred and Phillipa told Television Malta that since then all contact with him has been lost and has mobile has also been switched off.

The parents said they are heart-broken and day and night worry about what may have happened to him, while hoping they will one day see him again. They said that in the first few days after his disappearance they went around Malta hoping to see him somewhere.

Alfred Pisani has been informed that searches are still ongoing on land and at sea with the latest searches taking place at Imtaħleb, but all results have been negative.

Last year the Police said that 378 reports of persons missing had been received of which 316 were Maltese. Assistant Police Commissioner, Dennis Theuma, said that of these, 30 Maltese and 20 foreigners had not been located and they are therefore recorded as missing persons.

He said that some cases involved elderly persons who had lost their way and become confused in their orientation, persons who had entered as illegal immigrants and then fled the country and minor under care orders who do not return on time and are then reported by carers.

Assistant Commissioner Theuma said that all missing person reports of missing persons are not concluded in a definitive manner unless the reported missing person is located. Whether that person reported is Maltese, Sicilian or Swedish, makes no difference because it is important that every person has to be accounted for. There are also cases where persons have been found dead.

He said the Police have reports of missing persons that date back to the 70s and these are still open.

Theuma explained that as soon as a missing person report is received, the Police try to gather as much information as possible regarding the person reported missing as well as contacting with communication companies to trace mobile links. According to the case the help of the public is then sought for any information accompanied in the media by pictures of the missing person and requests for information.

He said that despite the small territory of the country, every case is a headache for Police. Even though small, it is easy to hide away and unfortunately it is also easy to flee overseas such as on a boat and as illegal immigrants arrive, persons can aso flee.

Every case is treated separately and the work of the Police is to continue working to achieve a point of closure.