“Lejn Xandir aktar inklussiv” – a commitment by PBS for persons with different abilities

With the current broadcasting schedule of the national station drawing to an end, the management of the Public Broadcasting Services is preparing to conclude the new schedule for October.

During a discussion on how to render broadcasting to be more inclusive, PBS Executive Chairman Mark Sammut said that for the coming new schedule the plan is that there will be programmes specifically for children with paying attention problems as well as that the contents of advertisements will be adapted to persons suffering disabilities.

The national station’s forthcoming schedule will be filled with programmes and productions planned for the inclusion of persons with various disabilities, including intellectual.

In the third part of the discussions on the theme “Lejn Xandir Iktar Inklussiv” (For More Inclusive Broadcasting), PBS Executive Chairman Mark Sammut said the company is obliged to provide accessibility for all.

He said that in the next schedule, primarily, adverts will have a content that is adapted for persons with disabilities and there will be an introduction of programmes for children that have problems of attention span. These will be specialised for the child sector.

Dr Sammut urged the participants in the disabled sector to forward their suggestions to PBS for a continued improvement of services to be offered to Maltese and Gozitan audiences.

He said PBS results can be experienced by the public because unlike other departments that draw up policies and have them on paper, PBS results can be seen and heard and on television this is an “it’s in the face” situation. He added if there is a sector, or those with suggestions and/or advice to provide a better service, by all means these should be forthcoming.

The Minister at the Office of the Prime Minister, Carmelo Abela, said the quality of transmissions is not measured by the quality in the use of transmission techniques but that programmes reach out to all, including those with disabilities.

The Minister for Inclusion, Julia Farrugia Portelli, spoke of broadcasting providing more accessibility, including that programmes be produced by disabled persons themselves.