“Let us allow the President to do his job” – Nationalist MPs this morning

Nationalist MPs this morning indicated that the situation with regard to the Nationalist Leader Adrian Delia will not change until the President takes a decision.

When asked as they entered Parliament who they would be recognising today as Opposition Leader during the Parliamentary sitting, MP Chris Said said that they will allow the Constitutional process to take its course and await the President’s decision.  Even MP Karol Auilina promised that they would await the President’s decision.

Shortly afterwards, the Deputy Leader of the PN David Agius arrived, who said that, to date, the Opposition Leader is still Adrian Delia and that as soon as the President takes a decision, they will proceed according to that decision.

Speaking about whether they will open a Constitutional case if Adrian Delia is no longer recognised as Opposition Leader, Mr Agius added that this will be decided once a decision is taken by the President.

MP Jason Azzopardi said that the will of two-thirds of the Parliamentary Group in Opposition is known and they need to wait for the President to decide, from whom to date they have not had any communication. He said it would not be prudent to speak before the decision is taken. Asked about whether they will be putting a forward a no confidence motion in the PN leadership during the Executive meeting, Dr Azzopardi said that a lot can happen before tomorrow and they need to see how the situation develops.

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